Graphic Designer and Design Researcher. Filled with love and a critical inquisitiveness she analyses, systematizes, translates and visualizes. Creating projects ranging from analogue to digital matter. Beaming for collaborations; with artists, writers, publishers, cultural and social institutions. She positions herself within the intersection of art, society, culture, goods and commerce. With the urgency of creating new relationships with each other, the things we see, the textiles we wear and the products we buy.

Julia Berg is a graphic designer and design researcher. Lives in Arnhem and works everywhere. Divides her time looking for the right balance between mentorship, research and design.

Her interest lies in the complex relationships between economy, society, people, product or object and value. Her enthusiasm continues in her love for architecture, painting, literature and poetry.

Part of design collective idiotes. A design research group, where they like to work with others, improving working methods and initiate change. The studio uses design research, which is characterized by experiment, interaction and reflection. The highest goal is not only learning to understand complex issues, but also to explore possible solutions and a final intervention, campaign or product. They work together with various partners such as municipalities, educational, social or cultural institutions.

Design Research ︎ Idiotes
(2022 - ) Ondernemers in zwaar weer
(2021 - ) Ongelijke stagekansen
(2021) Nachtopvang Rotterdam
(2020) DatawearDressing disruptive data down. A creative intervention to explore and resist the use of AI in public spaces.  Supported by Mozilla, City of Amsterdam, hivos and OBA.

Graphic Design 
(2022) Exhibiton Poster, Graphic Design
(2022) Open studios poster, Graphic Design
(2021) Critical Fashion Practices,  Logo Design
(2019) JOIN Collective Conversation Magazine, Graphic Design
(2019) Happiness, Graphic Design
(2019) Mary Fields, Logo Design
(2018) Chet Julius, Logo Design
(2018) Bodies Making Meaning Meta Magazine, Graphic Design
(2018) Sic transit gloria mundiGraphic Design

(2021) DDW, Consuming Confusion, the complexity of sustainable consumption.
(2020) DDW (Online), DatawearDressing disruptive data down. A creative intervention to explore and resist the use of AI in public spaces.

(2021 -) Mentor ︎ Critical Fashion Practices, Artez

(2020) A Magazine Reader, Warehouse
(2019) JOIN, Anouk Beckers

(2019-2021) Master Fashion Strategy, ArtEZ
(2013-2017) Bachelor Illustration, HKU

Extracurricular activities
(2021) Advisory Committee of Master Fashion Strategy.
(2020) Advisory Committee of Master Fashion Strategy.

(2020) Value & Identity, Hilmer Thijs.
(2020) Een ijzersterk verhaal, De Monchy & Bakker.
(2020) Communication & Identity, Jan Schoon.
(2020) Frame of Reference, Asu Aksu.
(2019) We the Future, Idiotes.

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