Graphic Designer and Design Researcher. Filled with love and a critical inquisitiveness she analyses, systematizes, translates and visualizes. Creating projects ranging from analogue to digital matter. Beaming for collaborations; with artists, writers, publishers, cultural and social institutions. She positions herself within the intersection of art, society, culture, goods and commerce. With the urgency of creating new relationships with each other, the things we see, the textiles we wear and the products we buy.

Commissioned, Graphic Design

Exhibition booklet design for Sympoiesis, Coexisting Fashion Systems. MA Fashion Strategy | Artez Arnhem

Fashion’s interplay is the graduation exhibition of MA Critical Fashion Practices Generation 30 from ArtEZ. The E
xhibition is part of Ways of Caring  Practicing Solidarity, an international fashion conference that explores how to practice solidarity in fashion, organised by ArtEZ University of the Arts and State of Fashion, in collaboration with ArtEZ BA Fashion Design, MA Critical Fashion Practices and Fashion Revolution. Supported by Gemeente Arnhem.

Open Studios Poster 
Commissioned, Graphic Design

Open studios poster  design for Fashion’s MA Critical Fashion Practices  | Artez Arnhem

Research, Writing, Graphic Design

This essay centralizes the concept confusion within fashion communication regarding sustainable consumption. The essay is a manifestation of my research that introduces confusion, defines where it occurs and who benefits from this confusion with the aim to soften consumer guilt. The confusion is mapped through a mix of theory, popular texts and visualisations. The essay uses the method of questioning in order to engage and activate the reader. The confusion unfolds itself in four chapters: ourselves, the social political system, the zeitgeist and the fashion industry. This essay introduces confusion as an essential aspect in the sustainability discourse as it counteracts the sustainable development in western neoliberal capitalism.

Thanks to Aurélie van de Peer for guiding me in wrinting Consuming Confusion: The complexity of sustainable consumption.

A bodily magazine reader

Visual essay on the body, object and the content, a bodily magazine reader for : A Magazine Reader. Reader number 4  is the result of a workshop by Chet Bugter, Hanka van der Voet and Femke de Vries in which the students of the MA Fashion Strategy generation 29 explored the role and representation of the body in the fashion magazine. We chose the ELLE UK November 2019 issue as our material. As one of the most renowned high-end fashion magazines, ELLE plays an important role in the representation of bodies and, specifically, ideas about body standards.

Available at Warehouse 

Designer toolkit 
Self-initiated, Research, Graphic Design

This personal toolkit consists of a series of preconditions and design principles based on the research consuming confusion, the complexity of sustainable fashion communication regarding consumption. 
This toolkit is created with the aim to grow, generate questions that can lead to projects such as workshops or interventions. The design principles can be applied or used for further research. The toolkit can be used to create solo projects and collaborative projects with other truthful practitioners.

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